Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

Sound Sultan’s brother revealed that six months before his passing, the singer expressed, “The doctor said I don’t have much time.”

Nigerian rapper Baba Dee, aka Dare Fasasi, reminisces about a mysterious exchange with his late brother, Sound Sultan, six months prior to his passing. 

During a recent interview on Teju Babyface’s podcast, he delved into various subjects, including a missed chance to sign Wizkid during the artist’s early rise to fame.

Before Banky W signed Wizkid, Sound Sultan had suggested adding him to their Naija Ninjas roster, but Baba Dee’s overconfidence caused him to miss the opportunity. 

Baba Dee reflected on Wizkid’s personality, highlighting his peaceful demeanor and unwavering focus on his vision.

Cryptic note of Sound Sultan to Baba Dee six months before his death

The experienced artist opened up about his brother’s passing and the illness that led to it. He mentioned that six months before Sound Sultan’s death, they were aware that his time was limited, despite receiving treatment at a renowned non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma facility.

“This is the first time I’m openly discussing this. He passed away in one of the top hospitals. He confided in me long ago, saying, ‘Dee, the doctor says my time is limited.’ It was a shock to me hearing that for the first time. He seemed fine; we were in the studio recording, and he dropped that bombshell on me. At that point, I felt helpless,” he revealed.

Watch the video below;

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