Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Stupid people”- Yemi Alade has expressed outrage over an alleged viral interview

Yemi Alade, the Nigerian artist, is deeply upset about a viral story regarding her career and the absence of awards in her name.

Fans recall the uproar when rumors circulated, suggesting that men were the reason she hadn’t received any awards as an entertainer.

Taking to her Instagram account, she vehemently refuted the allegations, labeling those spreading them as ignorant and jobless. She didn’t hold back in calling them dumb and dismissed the interview as fabricated.

In a succinct summary, she mentioned that she was at home when she came across the interview. To illustrate her reaction, she posted a GIF showcasing her emotions, including dancing and cheering upon learning the news.

The “Johnny” crooner, who opened the African Cup of Nations (AFCON), didn’t mince her words when addressing the rumor-mongers, adding some unprintable names to her description of them.

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