Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

S*x For Roles Is Scam In Nollywood – BBNaija Star, Bambam Narrates Experience

Bamike Olawunmi, widely known as Bambam, a former contestant on Big Brother Naija and an actress, has denounced the prevalent practice of ‘sex for roles’ in the Nigerian film industry, describing it as deceptive.

In her account, Bambam highlighted how filmmakers exploit the eagerness of young actresses, often promising them significant roles in exchange for sexual favors, only to backtrack on these assurances afterward.

During her appearance on the latest episode of the Secrets Behind the Scenes podcast, Bambam shared a personal experience where a producer offered her keys to his hotel room after casting her in a minor role.

She passionately advised aspiring actresses against falling victim to ‘sex for roles’, emphasizing the lack of worth in compromising their dignity for career opportunities.

She said,

“Sx for roles is a scam. It’s not worth it. Some of them [victims] what they are paying them at the end of that production is not more than N50,000, N100,000. Don’t be deceived o! It’s a lie. It [sx for role] is a scam.

“The one that I did waka pass that dem give me N5,000 and the guy [filmmaker] was giving me his hotel room key to hold. Ah! I don’t want to mention names.”

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