Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

Taaoma responds to criticism for posing in a photo with male coworkers.

Taaoma, a well-known skit maker, responded following criticism surrounding a recent photo featuring herself alongside her male colleagues, Brother Shaggi and Mr. Macaroni, taken at Meta.

One of the photos shows Taaoma being carried by her two male colleagues, sparking criticism from many. 

One social media user, SG_hurayrah, expressed disapproval, highlighting the sanctity of the holy month and questioning Taaoma’s decision to allow ‘grown strange men’ to hold her.

The tweep, SG_hurayrah said:

“Two grown strange men… Holding your thights this way. You posting on media.

The most unforgivable sin is the one you are proud of it!

Now, immediately we talk about her tribe, they’ll come and shout here. In this holy month. Allah ya kyauta”.

Taaoma sarcastically replied as she joined in to also berate herself as though she was a third party.

She wrote:

“Imagine o! A married woman for that matter. God help us.”

Read comments below:

@Northerner0 said: “They answer the name muslim, but don’t practice it. It’s well!”

@Neyux_2010 asked: “What is the most unforgivable sin dear sister? Shirk? or touching the opposite se.x?

Also, going after the tribe in this matter is what a Muslim with hamāsah and bigotry without the knowledge of Islām will do.

‘The state/country doesn’t make anyone pure/good’”

@iamayims said: “What is wrong is wrong.”

@zarah_mo said: “Deep down , you know she’s right and that’s why this caught your attention to reply….just take your corrections and move on , this is the holy month it’s very wrong atleast respect the month”

@asimeh said: “The fact that you replied shows that you are guilty so just take correction and move on”

@AdebolaMumeenat said: “You for no quote her walai. You gave her the audience she’s looking for. She chased the clout and got it cos you quoted her”

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