Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

Talented Nigerian Man Praised After Building a Remote Controlled Toy Car (Video)

A remarkable Nigerian individual has captured the admiration of many by constructing a toy car that operates via remote control.

In a video shared on the social media page @TaiwoGCFR, the man can be seen testing his creation on the road, showcasing its impressive features.

The toy car bears a striking resemblance to a real vehicle, resembling a G-Wagon both in its interior and exterior design. The precision and attention to detail exhibited in its construction left onlookers amazed.

The video, which garnered attention online, highlighted the ingenuity and creativity of the man behind the innovative project.

Read some comments below:

@Ifeoma Cherish said: “If they leave igbo man he go create human being..Very intelligent and creative people💯God bless the works of our hands🙏”

@bigjoe940 said: “I wish you can make it a little bigger for the kids. You will make more money from it”

@user2045145214690 said: “straight to Tunde Ednut page 👏💯🙏🙏”

@bra Williams 🇬🇭🇨🇦✅ wrote: “plss can I buy it for shatta bundle ….he need car”

@Joan baby said: “this is very good the igbo people are very creative 🤗👍💯”

Watch the video below:


I salute all Nigerian doing great things despite the lack on support to such innovation. This dude actually built a remote controlled toy car… amazing. He’s from Imo state, Nigeria. credit: @akuebonyi

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