Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

“Teni issues a stern warning to the Beggars Association of Nigeria, lamenting their lack of conscience.”

“Nigerian musician Teniola Apata, also known as Teni, speaks out against the Beggars Association of Nigeria for their recent unconventional methods of soliciting money. 

Taking to her Instagram page, she directly addresses the association’s leader for their inappropriate approach in asking her for funds.”

Teni criticized beggars for their apparent lack of conscience, questioning why someone she had previously helped would return just days later for more money. 

Expressing disbelief, she pondered if she was responsible for their upbringing. The “Billionaire” singer noted their disregard for her welfare, highlighting their transition from asking for Nigerian naira to pounds and dollars.

Check out netizens reactions below:
Edu said: “Help to the extent you can and stop disturbing our ears. You are blessed for a purpose so are the beggars”

TipsyOdds noted: “The begging on X is out of this world”

Future wrote: “Pesin go post , the next thing na I have not eaten since 2days but you get phone and subscription”

Algorithm stated: “This one wen nova get any hit song in 5years de advice people”


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