Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

The female pastor instructed women to surrender their salary to their husbands as a sign of submission.

Mrs. Francisca Emmanuel, a female pastor, encourages women to demonstrate their submission to their husbands’ authority by giving their salary to them. 

The First Lady of World Redemption Ministry recently shared a segment of her conversation with a church member on Instagram. In an informal exchange, she asked the church member whose name should be on a car bought with her own money. 

The member responded that her name should be on the car, not her husband’s, since it was her finances used for the purchase.

Mrs. Francis expressed her disappointment with her response, indicating a lack of understanding of submission. 

She asserted that numerous women fail to grasp the full concept of complete submission, suggesting that surrendering various aspects to the husband’s authority is necessary. 

Among these, she mentioned the wife’s home, vehicle, and even income as items to be relinquished for the husband’s total control.

Watch the video here;

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