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“The Happie Boys dance wildly as a Nigerian doctor covers their tuition for an American University.”

The Happie Boys expressed their joy after a doctor generously covered their acceptance fees for a university in the USA.   

In a video, they showcased their dance moves while thanking God for the second chance. The boys are now en route to the USA to pursue their desired courses after securing admission.  

A Nigerian doctor residing in the US reportedly covered all their acceptance fees upon their return to Nigeria.  

In the video, the boys expressed their gratitude to God and extended their appreciation to the doctor for granting them a fresh start. 

Flossy_miju remarked, “I recall how a certain individual negatively impacted these guys’ careers.”

Alamsfel reacted: “Another solid reminder that life no be Nollywood. Your enemy isn’t necessarily God’s enemy.”

Cecilia__remi said: “Na VISA gangan be the main thing o.. Dem fit give you admission make embassy no give visa lol.”

Janeluxuryshop said: “Have they been given an american visa lol… They should have wait till they get their visas first.”

Ble_ssing_sunday added: “The ringleader is that fair one on dread, I hope he doesn’t mislead this other guy again.”

Damouche01 added: “Just pray the US embassy won’t use your social media footprint to deny you student visa. Dey pray o. Admission no mean say visa don set.”

Samariabub_ reacted: “Una don get visa? Congratulations to you guys I pray you don’t make him regre.t his kindness someday.”

Watch the video below:



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