Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

The lady finds joy in all her accomplishments, attributing them solely to her hard work, even though she’s an atheist.

A UK woman, who has identified as an atheist for over a decade, proudly celebrates her notable accomplishments.   

Taking to her Twitter handle, @TohPahz, she shares her journey, emphasizing her reliance on hard work rather than supernatural intervention.  

However, her posts have sparked controversy among certain religious communities.

As a result, her life has been going smoothly with everything working out well for her.

In her words;

“11 years an atheist ..

Na god dey run am 🤲🏾

11 years of no praying, no hoping someone supernatural is coming to save me.
Just pure hardwork ,brain, grit, freedom , humor.

Everything I have, all mine .

It’s been great you guys.”

However, many social media users do not agree with her and took to the comments to share their thoughts.

Her Post Below

Some reactions to her tweet here

@JeremyofCrypto asked: “During sex what name do you scream. oh God! or never mind”

@GothBoyy888 stated: “Not believing in God is the greatest sin, that Even the devil did not commit. Jsyk”

@SULTXn_o added: “Good luck in your endeavors. But yk, God created us to worship him and work towards Janaah. Still, God is the one to judge us so I have no right to condemn you. So instead of convincing you to join a religion, I would pray you see the light and God guides you to the right path.”

@meneebisan1 said: “I’ve been the one praying for you , I’ve been interceding on your behalf , make u drop aza make you pay tithe”

@Sageof6partz commented: “Sorry, u think it’s by your power that u achieve great things, I repeat again, sorry…I don’t go to church all the time but I will never get to a stage in my life where I would deny the existence of the power of God in my life, good or bad”

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