Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“The lady firmly rejects a suitor who requested her number with the phrase ‘This one worst pass ‘No’.”

A video circulating on social media depicts a young Nigerian woman delivering a resounding rebuke to a suitor who mustered the courage to approach her for her phone number, disrupting what appeared to be a serious conversation she was engaged in.

In a TikTok video posted by @PerPehh04, a man approached the lady with the intention of obtaining her phone number. 

However, his introduction was met with an unexpected response from the lady. She looked at him condescendingly, clearly signaling her refusal with a resounding “NO.

” The video has garnered widespread attention on social media, eliciting a range of reactions from users, with some deeming it unnecessary while others empathize with the blow to the man’s ego.

Reactions as lady rubbishes toaster who asked for her number
mheenarh__ said: “This one w0rst pass No, she said a lot with that eyes😂.”

nonyem_4 said: “Cross over night dey come we go still see una for alter dey shout 😂😂.”

wendy_okorie stated: “I love her already 😂. The guy bought fake audacity.” opined: “The babe picked his soul and bounced it up and down😂😂.”

officialbuzyb noted: “She go apologize later. “I didn’t know I will love you so much I wouldn’t have given that horrible look on the first day” I was having a bad day before you approached me. I AM SORRY.”

Watch the video below …

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