Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

The lady recounts her experience attending a Nigerian wedding despite not receiving an invitation.

@ladyleen69 recently shared an amusing and unexpected encounter she had at a Nigerian couple’s wedding, where she attended without an invitation. 

Her video recounting the day’s events has garnered significant attention online for its humor. Upon arriving at the wedding reception, she was pleasantly surprised to be served with a delightful variety of small chops.

As she savored the appetizers, she recorded the newlywed couple’s grand entrance at the reception, joyfully dancing to the guests’ delight.

After enjoying the small bites, @ladyleen69 was served a refreshing green cocktail, which she sipped while filming.

Her culinary adventure progressed with the addition of Chinese rice. To culminate her unexpected feast, @ladyleen69 was presented with slices of both carrot and chocolate cakes.

In a final display of hospitality, she received a strawberry daiquiri mocktail and a souvenir to remember her special wedding experience.

Netizens Reactions…
JFK said; “This type of update you privatize your account and select random lucky usernames to tag the video.”

Nanerh Tee said; “You’re so lucky ooo if u go to some weddings u aren’t invited to, food sef u no go see chop not to talk of survernier.”

CHIKAMSO said; “Just dress well and wear expensive hair I promise you we get everything u require for.”

Talo_dabi said; “They didn’t invite you oo and we should still come with you.”

Popsy Aaliyah said; “For a Whole Semester in Year One Unilag, this was how my roommates and I got food on Saturdays. We wear our Sunday best and just slip into Multipurpose Hall as Guests and Eat.”

Funmi fay said; “Imagine watching this as the bride in the video, I go just burst laughsister I go invite you for our naming ceremony o, I want to see you eat like that again.”

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