Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

“The lady who stayed at the hotel swiftly relocated upon discovering an unusual sink in the bathroom.”

A Nigerian woman has sparked incredible discussions on TikTok by recounting her encounter at a hotel in Ogun state.

@nan_ceey17, the woman identified on the platform, shared that she reserved the hotel room late at night. 

She described everything proceeding smoothly until she entered the bathroom and spotted a hand sink adorned with python skin. 

Upon this discovery, she requested the hotel staff to relocate her to a different room.


@user1879789875037 reacted: “Abeg next time, if you wan post this kain video try dey let us know say danger dey ahead. I almost fell on the staircase.”

Bun Bun 2 said: “Nah! I immediately got the shivers! There’s something ABSOLUTELY wrong with it! God.”

Engrolessed commented: “God knows I wouldn’t touch it till I leave me that prays against cat.”

@daramolamafolayom reacted: “I will not close my eyes till day break I swear.”

@aneeke_ade said: “This thing is spiritual nothing wey una wan tell me.”

Black Introvert reacted: “Just looking at the picture creeps me out!!! How did you sleep. It’s looking spiritual sef.”

Dam|lare said: “Na spiritual filter, as person Dey wash hand or face inside it, na so his|her glory dey dissolve.”

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