Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“The loud snoring of my dog, Emeka, prevents me from enjoying music in my own home.”

A young man from Nigeria faces a challenging predicament due to his dog Emeka’s thunderous snoring, which rivals the volume of a generator.

This situation was documented in a TikTok video shared by @Biglittle_Chloe, showcasing the surprising intensity of the dog’s sleeping noises.

In the footage, the owner is depicted approaching the dog as it dozes on the balcony, with each step amplifying its snoring. 

Expressing disbelief, the man remarked on how Emeka’s snoring drowned out the music playing in his room. 

This video has sparked a flurry of responses from social media users who were genuinely unsettled by Emeka’s loud snoring.

Reactions trailing the loud snoring sound of a dog named Emeka
mariejoel001 said: “It’s over feeding…let them fast small…you don ever see ekuke dey snore?😂🤭.”

klaudoofficial noted: “Na Gen you buy ooo.”

xoblqck1006 said: “That’s one thing someone who decides to have a bull dog should know , be it frenchie(french bulldogs) which can be extremely sassy at times or english bulldogs is they snore a lot due to breathing issues…. They mostly lay on their back or belly to be able to breathe well , they don’t sleep like most other breeds of dog who lay on the side and don’t be surprised the dog might be very healthy.”

classy_commy quizzed: “the dog swallow tiger gen ?”

Watch the video below …

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