Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

The man insists that having a high-paying 9-5 job is superior to owning your own business.

An American man, using the Twitter handle @Bitcoin_Teej, has sparked a viral debate by asserting that having a 9-5 job with a high salary is preferable to being a business owner. 

He based his opinion on his personal experience in both roles, expressing a preference for traditional employment.

He elaborates that being a business owner entails having numerous bosses, as you strive to maintain success to ensure you can meet their payroll.

In his words;

“9-5 with a high salary is better than owning your own business.

Being a business owner just means now you have 100 or 1000 bosses cuz now you working to stay successful to all these people.

Speaking as someone who has done both. Successful business and 9-5…. And I’d still take the high paying 9-5 over the stress of owning/running a business.”

His Post Below

Some reactions to the post

@OffishialOlu agreed: “Being a business owner means you work for all thousands of your customers. Customer is King”

@ArielEsq305 said: “Says someone who has never owned their own successful business 😂😂😂”

@ellipsi_music added: “Better is subjective. But after experiencing both ends, I can say I am happier, more fulfilled, and have more peace in my soul since switching back to a “9-5”. Just having that pressure off my back and the guaranteed income has done wonders for my mental health”

@LorHolyKaron said: “It depends, one of my family members owns a business that made over a million last year, and he doesn’t know how to do anything lol, he just hired people that do and pays himself whatever and whenever he wants lol.”

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