Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

“The sacrifices made by P-Square, 2Face, and D’banj are what we are reaping the benefits of today,” remarked Davido.

Davido, the renowned singer, acknowledges that the current prominence of Nigerian artists has been paved by the sacrifices of their predecessors. 

He shared insights during a recent interview, reflecting on his initial international deal with Sony Music in 2016.

He disclosed that during that period, he still needed to reintroduce himself to the managers.

The singer mentioned that he was obliged to create an album with the Sony group, and as they were the ones who signed him, they selected the producers and other members of the music team for his project.

He expressed that the album fell short of his expectations, prompting his return to Nigeria to collaborate with his own producers because the others couldn’t grasp the nuances of African music styles.

Davido emphasized that the current prominence of Nigerian artists is the result of the hard work put in by previous generations such as P-Square, 2Face, Dbanj, and the ongoing efforts of present-day artists, paving the way for even greater success for the next generation.

Watch him speak below;

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