Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

“The theater arts student himself showed fear as he grabbed the lecturer’s neck during the presentation.”

In a circulating online video, a lecturer’s response is captured as a theatre arts student unexpectedly grabs him by the neck during a class drama presentation while fully immersed in his role.

The online-shared video depicted the student adorned in attire suited to his dramatic role, brandishing a machete. 

Advancing towards the lecturer’s location, he seized him by the neck, prompting a chorus of shocked shouts from the class.

Check out reactions that followed …
A walking god said: “That guy need to beg the lecturer after, extra years too easy for that school.”

Omosi said: “This play production looks like drums of war from the costumes.”

Divine said: ”He has been dreaming of doing dis nothing u wan tell me.”

Ebi Praise said: “That lecturer don do that boy something before nothing wey you wan tell me.”

Baki said: “Nah wetin I go do prof..bankole be that.”

unusualpreshe said: “Nothing you won tell me the lecturer don fail the guy before.”

Giani_Jemima said: “Opportunity no be wetin I go dey look and pass”

Omosi👸 observed: “This play production looks like drums of war from the costumes”

Watch the video below:

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