Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

The waitress addresses Mr. May D regarding his unpaid balance of N11,000 for his meal.

A Nigerian waitress, @dblaqgoddess232, publicly accused veteran singer Mr May D of allegedly failing to settle an unpaid balance of N11K for a meal purchased in January. 

She detailed that the singer and his companions visited the hotel where she works on January 12, 2024, and accumulated a bill of N56K for food and drinks she served them.

She disclosed that he and his companions departed for a club on that particular day and didn’t return until the following day. 

Since she had to complete her daily account by 10 am the next day, she opted to reach out to the singer via his phone number, which was provided to her by one of his friends who was still at the hotel. The woman further revealed that instead of a courteous response, he replied offensively.

After much back and forth, he finally paid N45K with an outstanding balance of N11K since January.

She wrote …

“My encounter with a celebrity as a waitress….

Disclaimer: this isn’t clout chasing, I just want my money!!!

So about two months ago Mr MayD and friends came to the hotel where I work to lodge, and I served them food and drinks, it was on Friday, 12 of Jan,2024….

So after he had foods and drinks on Friday, they all went to the club and didn’t come back that same night, was so scared coz I would have been the one to pay if he ended up not paying, but one of his friends was still in the hotel so I was a bit assured I’ll get the money..

Fast forward to the next day which was on Saturday 13th,of Jan 2024.
Our hotel rule is to do our sales account before 10am in the morning, so I got his contact from his friend who was in the hotel to reach out to him so I can get the money and his response was totally offensive.

Still I kept my cool coz I wouldn’t want to get blocked and end up paying for money I didn’t owe, which I still did coz he only sent part of his payment and I had to cover up the balance of 11k with my salary at the end of the month…”

See Post below …

See their WhatsApp exchange below;

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