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The wedding reception took a spiritual turn when a woman caught the bouquet, fell under the anointing, and began speaking in tongues.

A Nigerian lady sparks discussion as she sits down to eat a big cake comfortably after her friends and invited guests failed to show up for her birthday.

This is depicted in a fresh video circulating on a popular social media platform.

In the video, a lady’s face is shown along with a caption stating that she invited people over for her birthday but they didn’t show up.

In a subsequent scene, the same lady is shown sitting alone on what appears to be her birthday, eating a very large cake as her friends and guests failed to attend.

The video has attracted the attention of many social media users, who have flooded the comments section with their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Mamacita: “I hosted a Birthday party I didn’t see anyone like no one showed up dat was when I knew I didn’t have a genuine friend Omo it was really painful I just wasted money that.” day: “Mma Si Na Chi: “The way u Dey enjoy that thing u no invite anybody.”

favouribeneme8: “I no dey go their own so I won’t bother inviting anybody.”

Phyna: “Omor u nor invite me o,I nede miss opportunity to chop cake x

Billy: “Low key this is why I’ve never celebrated my birthday, coz I’m a loner and I’m scared no one will turn up for me.”

Amarachigrace: “don’t feel bad my dear your own nah birthday, on my wedding I had no asoebi whereas my frds where say ah we go show dat day u be out person..their presence I no see their gift I no see, it’s well.”

spiky: “this made me remember when I invited most of my “close friends” for my birthday even used my money to cook fried rice and chicken and buy drinks,only for all of them to give excuses on that day.”




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