Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“The woman in labor expresses anger as her partner suggests a DNA test to confirm paternity of the baby.”

“In the delivery room, an American woman lashes out at her partner after he suggests conducting a DNA test for their unborn child. 

A TikTok user known as @xjustkira shared a cringe-worthy encounter with her partner on the platform, where he questioned the paternity of their baby.”

In Kira’s account from the delivery room, she expressed how insensitive it was for her partner to question paternity while she was in a critical state during labor. 

She pleaded with him to leave their lives if he desired, rather than casting doubt on their unborn child’s paternity. 

Kira adamantly refused to agree to a DNA test as demanded by the man, affirming her commitment to caring for the baby herself if he decided to depart.

Reactions as baby daddy suggests DNA test while lady was in labour room
YellahMajic noted: “He not wrong for asking but definitely ain’t the time to be asking.”

Kelhani Mia stated: “Put him out , give him the dna test and put him on child support!”

Sharice penned: ““You don’t never wanna claim your kids” ma’am whaaat???”

Victoria Oshun Fudge said: “He needs to get out the room so you and the baby can make it.”

Watch the video below …

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