Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

“They said no one will marry a woman with kids” – Lady jubilates as she heads to her wedding with her 4 kids

A resilient single mother of four celebrates as she joyfully heads to her wedding, proving wrong those who once mocked and claimed that no one would marry a woman with children.

She took to the internet to respond to those who wished her misfortune and adversity in finding love and getting remarried.

Mother of 4 gets married

She shared that individuals had attempted to dissuade her, asserting that no one would choose to marry a woman with children.

Contrary to their predictions, she defied expectations and happily got engaged to another wonderful man.

A video posted on her TikTok page captures the heartwarming moment as she heads to the wedding venue with all five of her children.

“Me on my way with wedding with all my kids,” she partly captioned.

Check out reactions that followed …

Sytsie…doply shared: “My step dad married our mom…we were 5 gals”

MaZ ❤ commented: “I said it, “men will marry who they want regardless of whether you have kids/not”!”

🦋SAYRAAH🦋 remarked: “My neighbor married a woman with 6kids he’s happy”

LebusengM commented: “In Limpopo there’s 100’s of weddings every weekend n most of them kebo mother of 2 to 3 frm previous relationships🤞🏽”

SamkeManyambose stated: “my step dad married our mom,we were 6 can you imagine😉💌”

traceyzeetkz wrote: “me and you in the same boot got a white guy who accepted me and my two kids and now we have 1 together 😁true love exits”

Watch video below …

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