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“Three things that you might not know about Wizkid” Dj Tunez reveal about Wizkid in an interview

DJ Tunez, Wizkid’s personal DJ, shares intriguing anecdotes about the renowned artist, from unusual allergies to surprising lifestyle choices.

One notable aspect about Wizkid, according to DJ Tunez, is his height; he appears taller in person than on screen.1

He highlighted the simplicity that characterizes every aspect of Wizkid’s life, stressing his sensible demeanor and practical perspective.

DJ Tunez mentioned Wizkid’s unusual milk allergy, which isn’t widely known. Additionally, he revealed Wizkid’s aversion to cold temperatures, noting that the artist intentionally tries to lower the temperature when faced with heavy air conditioning.

During a recent interview with Clout Africa, DJ Tunez expressed:

“Three things that you might not know about Wizkid: he is tall in real life, his life is very simple, and he doesn’t take milk, he’s lactose intolerant.

“Wizkid doesn’t like to be cold, If the AC is too much, he will ask people to cool it down.”

In a recent interview, DJ Tunez offered insights into Wizkid’s demanding work environment. He also openly discussed his collaboration with Wizkid and the evolution of their friendship.



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