Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Timini Egbuson recounts his entry into the film industry, highlighting the substantial paycheck he received from ‘Shuga’.

Nollywood actor Timini Egbuson revealed his journey into the movie industry, discussing his initial skepticism about the financial prospects and the advice he received from others suggesting alternative career paths due to the perceived lack of monetary rewards in Nollywood.

After landing a role through auditioning for the MTV “Shuga” series and receiving his paycheck, he was astounded, which fueled his determination to pursue more acting opportunities. 

This revelation propelled him to remain committed to his acting career. 

In the interview, the actor disclosed his age as 36 and described himself as a “sweet boy,” emphasizing that the tough guy roles in his films do not accurately reflect his true personality.

Check out netizens reactions below:
Oluwatimilehin said: “This guy talks too much”

Dy Baby reacted: “This guy is pushing 40s and you won’t know”

Mayowa wrote: “Money is good my brother”

JideWestwood penned: “The pay cheque that year huge”

Davies asked: “Do you know how much shuga Dey pay waka pass role that year”


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