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“To BALL you need at least 7-15M, ” – Moet Abebe shares receipt of money spent in Club

Moet Abebe, a well-known media personality, has shared receipts from a recent outing, emphasizing the significant expenses associated with clubbing. This disclosure follows previous remarks made by reality star Tolanibaj during a podcast with Moet Abebe, suggesting that individuals need at least N7 million to spend at clubs.

According to Moet Abebe’s assertions, corroborated by Tolanibaj, clubbing requires a substantial budget ranging from N7 to 10 million. To support her claims, Moet Abebe presented receipts from her recent outing, revealing expenses totaling N14 million.

This revelation underscores the high cost of nightlife and the extravagant spending habits prevalent in certain social circles. Moet Abebe’s presentation of receipts serves to reinforce her stance on the financial requirements for enjoying a lavish lifestyle at clubs.

she wrote:

“DO NOT ARGUE WITH Now do you see what I am saying… to BALL you need 7-15M. the word is BALL not just go clubbing…. To BALL!!!!!! And make a statement… two different things entirely…so we can all move on now I will delete shortly”

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