Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Treasure, a young actress, faces criticism after kneeling to greet her 14-year-old colleague, Mercy Kenneth.

Fans were surprised when Uchechi Treasure, known as Ada Kirikiri, had an intriguing encounter with fellow young actress Mercy Kenneth. 

Ada Kirikiri was captured wearing her school uniform in a captivating video on a movie set following her return from school. 

In the video, she joyfully held a bouquet of flowers as she approached Mercy Kenneth to greet her warmly. While seated with other crew members, Mercy Kenneth became the focal point of attention as Ada, brimming with enthusiasm, approached her.

Ada humbly bowed before Mercy and enveloped her in a heartfelt embrace. In the touching video, Mercy, touched by Ada’s gesture, assisted her to stand up and graciously accepted the flowers.

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Watch the video below…

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