Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

“Two Edo men against women” – Mockery as Isreal DMW, Verydarkman link up

Social media buzzes with reactions to viral photos featuring Davido’s aide, Isreal DMW, alongside the famous social media critic, Verydarkman.

Israel DMW took to his Instagram page to share pictures of himself and Very Dark Man, extending good wishes for the weekend to his followers.

“Happy weekend everyone,”

he captioned the images.

In response, users pointed out the resemblance between Very Dark Man and Israel DMW, highlighting their shared Edo State origin and apparent stance on women.

Isreal DMW, Verydarkman

I Am Bmodel wrote, “Two Edo men wey no gree for women.”

Rosy Throne wrote, “And the both no gree for women. He like it’s an Edo blood thing.”

I Am Esty CEO wrote, “The most unromantic men in the world. Before you come for me, I be Edo and I’m married to Edo man and I get bad mouth too.”

Emmanuella wrote, “The two men wey no dey gee for women at all.”

Amara Shuga wrote, “They can now marry each other! Both have been scarred by women. One was broken at a younger age, the other was broken at an older age.”

Official Zariah wrote, “Two Edo men that are against women.”

Blessing Sunday wrote, “Mr virginity & Very Dark Man wey suppose dey see period”.

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