Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

US city, Boston declares March 2 ‘Burna Boy’s Day’

The city of Boston in Massachusetts, United States, has officially declared March 2nd as “Burna Boy’s Day” in recognition of the Nigerian singer’s contributions. This proclamation was made through a document issued by the Boston City Council and signed by Councillor Ruthzee Louijeune.

According to the document, Burna Boy is being honored for his performances and advocacy efforts. It highlights Boston’s commitment to celebrating culture and diversity, acknowledging Burna Boy’s legacy as a symbol of possibility and a voice for the marginalized.

The document states, “Burna Boy’s legacy serves as a reminder of possibility, reminding us to continue amplifying voices that have long been silenced or overlooked.” Consequently, March 2, 2024, has been designated as Burna Boy Day in the City of Boston.

Burna Boy has garnered significant acclaim in Boston, with numerous sold-out shows since gaining international prominence in 2018.

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