Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Verydarkman criticizes Queen Mercy and her husband, accusing them of seeking validation online instead of providing proper parenting for their child.”

“Controversial critic Verydarkman takes aim at Queen Mercy, the baby mama of Lord Lamba, and her husband, David, for showcasing another man’s child and attempting to use the child to provoke Lamba. 

Social media erupts following the engagement of reality star Queen Mercy to David, who has openly shown affection for her daughter, treating her as his own.”

Over the weekend, they celebrated their civil wedding, and images and videos from the occasion emerged online, sparking admiration from internet users. 

Verydarkman posted on Instagram, sharing a glimpse of the event and raising doubts about whether David, Queen Mercy’s husband, feels comfortable raising another man’s child as his own and potentially causing a divide between her and her biological father. 

Verydarkman suggested that the couple may be seeking validation on social media and speculated that their marriage could encounter challenges in the future.

Speaking further he said that there is zero chances of the little girl getting a good parenting.

Read some comments from netizens:

onyeji_ugo said: “When you see a man who is poorly raised and lacks love at home you would know. Dirtyman”

hairs_by_olive said: “If vdm got good parenting , we won’t have seen this side of him 😂🤲🏼”

sammi_onahi said: “Honestly all the display with the child wasn’t necessary. But surely they’ll gather and insult cos they h8 VDM.”

pretty_chinenye_ said: “Rest in Jesus name , so single mothers can’t find love again eeeeh”

laidelly said: “This man is a nuisance. Lamba started the social media shenanigans. How is he dragging the child with Lamba.”

Watch the video below:

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