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VeryDarkMan purportedly files petition against Bobrisky.

Renowned activist Verydarkman has officially confirmed that he has lodged a petition against Bobrisky with the Police. This action follows shortly after he openly discussed his deliberate efforts to involve the police with the aim of getting both himself and Bobrisky, the crossdresser, arrested.

verydarkman, Source; X platform.

According to Verydarkman, his recent detention and all preceding events were strategic moves in his plan to have Bobrisky apprehended by the authorities. He admitted to initiating contact with the police and falsely accusing them of engaging Bobrisky’s services in order to prompt their arrest.

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However, he expressed surprise when manipulated images combining Bobrisky and Frank Mba surfaced, falsely implying they were the same person. Verydarkman clarified that he was unaware of the origin of these images and emphasized their inaccuracy.

In a show of contrition, Verydarkman apologized for his actions, acknowledging that he fabricated the accusations with the intention of prompting the police to arrest both Bobrisky and himself.



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