Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

VJ Adams once mentioned that there was a time in his career when he hadn’t received his salary for 8 months, yet he continued to work tirelessly without a break.

Renowned media personality, VJ Adams, shared in an interview with Chude, how he endured eight months without receiving his salary during his early career. 

Despite this, he continued working diligently even after his colleagues quit. When questioned about the organization’s identity, VJ Adams chose to remain silent.

He stated that the work needed to persist, and because he found it enjoyable, he willingly obliged. 

Additionally, he emphasized advising newer presenters to continue working without compensation but later recognized the error in this and apologized, acknowledging that no one should work without pay. 

He admitted to almost encouraging younger presenters to follow suit due to his own commitment, acknowledging it as a mistake and expressing regret.


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