Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

“Wetin be this?” – Influencer Enioluwa sparks reactions as he eats the hardest Ghanaian meal

The video of Enioluwa enjoying Ghana’s “Wakkye” breakfast has sparked reactions among Nigerians, reminiscent of the Ghana Jollof vs. Nigerian Jollof competition.

Enioluwa, a popular Nigerian influencer known for his love of food, shared a video of himself eating “Wakkye,” a traditional Ghanaian dish, for breakfast while in Ghana. He described “Wakkye” as one of Ghana’s heartiest foods, consisting of garri, spaghetti, beans, rice, egg, ponmo (cow skin), meat, and plantain.

Despite the bulkiness of the dish, Enioluwa surprised viewers by quickly finishing it, even chewing on the leaves included in the meal.

The video has generated diverse reactions from Nigerians, with some expressing surprise and admiration for Enioluwa’s ability to finish the dish, while others engaged in light-hearted banter about the differences between Ghanaian and Nigerian cuisines.

Captioning the video, Enioluwa wrote: “I’m not sure a Nigerian can easily eat this one sha. Have you had this before? Is this your favourite Ghanaian Meal?😅🔥🇬🇭.”

He added; “Every day I wake up in this Ghana, there’s always food waiting at the door for me. Breakfast o. Lunch o. Dinner o.😌 Someone will be knocking; you have a delivery. But in Nigeria, they will be starving me. A prophet is never honoured in his own home.😭 Thank you Ghanaians o, if not I for dey look like a skeleton.🥹🇬🇭❤️.”

Watch video below

Reacting to the post…

@godswilltipson wrote: It’s still a miracle that you haven’t eaten Witchcraft before.

@ogevarietystore’ said: Well, waayke is my second favorite Ghanaian food after kontomere. I don’t know if I spelt that correctly though.

@mowanbe asked: Wetin be this?? Garri and spag and beans and kini?? Eiiiii.

@dknaijafoods said: Waakye is my best!!! People it is not pronounced ‘wanke’ or ‘wake’, it is pronounced ‘waache’.

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