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Why I Refused to Get My 15-Year-Old Daughter a Phone – Bisola Aiyeola

In a recent episode of “Mums Next Door” with Maria Chike, renowned actress Bisola Aiyeola opened up about her decision not to buy her 15-year-old daughter a phone, despite facing considerable criticism for this parenting choice.

Bisola candidly shared that she has been labeled overprotective due to her stance, but she remains firm in her decision, insisting that her daughter will only receive a phone when she turns 16.

Photo of a Nigerian celebrity and a firm producer, Bisola Ayeola. Source Instagram

Bisola Aiyeola addressed criticism about her decision, with some people questioning how her daughter would manage emergencies or if it might cause her to fall behind her peers. Bisola explained that her daughter has a laptop for schoolwork and can connect with friends via Zoom.

Additionally, Bisola recounted an incident where she found out her daughter had created a smart chat account on her laptop. As a consequence, Bisola extended the phone ban by another year as a disciplinary measure.

Bisola Ayeola, further explained why her daughter is not allowed to use a phone until she clocks 16.

“Yes, I have been judged by my parenting skills. So, my daughter turned 15 this year, and she still doesn’t have a phone. I have been pretty strict with that part of her life, and she kind of begged.

“I told her she wouldn’t have a phone till she was 16, so she still had one more year to go. And people have been asking me, like, what if there is an emergency?

“Wouldn’t she be behind her pairs and all, but she has a laptop for school work?

“If her friends need to talk to her, they can call her on Zoom. Sometimes, people feel like I am overdoing it, or I am trying to be overprotective, and I am like, well, that’s your business.

“There was a time I found out she opened a smart chat account on a laptop, and I was like, how? I disciplined her, which made me extend her phone usage by a year because she was supposed to get it this year at 15″.

Watch her interview video below;

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