Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

Why I Took Break From Acting to Become Caregiver in London – Rita Dominic Reveals

Rita Dominic, a popular actress, has explained why she took a hiatus from Nollywood.

She said she took a hiatus to become a caregiver in London.
The famous actress revealed her previous work when speaking at the recent Women of Valour International Women’s Day event in Ghana, where she was seen dancing in a trendy red jacket and tassel skirt.

She said:

“Many of you do not know but in 2001/2002 I stopped acting, I left the industry, I moved to London because it was a very dark period of my life, like I said, I had these issues, I just fell out with some friends I considered family and I just gave up acting for a while, I needed to get out, just leave that space for a minute.

“And then I moved to London and then gave up stardom and then, you won’t believe it. This is something I never told people before but while in London I was trying to make ends meet so I started working in a care home as a caregiver for adults with special needs, while some might view it as a step-down, I don’t.

“Taking care of others brought me joy and purpose at the time I needed it most because remember I took care of my mother and my father when they were ill because I was alone with them.”

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