Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

Why you should go back to your favourite Ex today – Angel Smith

BBNaija star, Angel Smith gives relationship advice as she speaks on why people need to go back to their favourite ex today.

The reality star who is rumoured to have parted ways with her lover Soma, said that people need to stop beefing their partners.

She advised people to go back to their ex and fix their relationship because the next relationship might not be all rosy.

Angel Smith return favourite ex
Angel Smith added that the pain one knows is better than the pain that would still eventually come in the next relationship.

She wrote:

“Life too short to be beefing, go back to your favorite ex today💋

The shege you know is better than the shege that is yet to come 😘”


Read some comments below:

mo_andra said: “There’s a reason why that person is an 161 EX! So tenks but NO Tenks!”

empressjudas said: “Them say my Toto don too wide even family reject me”

last_born_goody said: “Imagine your favorite EX isin abroad already, then you’ll understand why your maths teacher asked you to find X”

chubbytanie said: “Somany people are leaving Shege for 16 Shege promax”

bllacross said: “Wetin favorite and ex de do for one sentence”

_darkskingurl_ said: “I will rather go for the shege thatis yet to come”

mo_andra said: “Wait! Hol up! & y’all have favourite ex 3 now?”

iam_bivckpearl said: “I’d rather count the grains in a bag of 40 rice under the sun”

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