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Woman (Nana Ama) passes away days after praying for God to spare her life

Nana Ama, a woman from Ghana, who had been struggling with an illness for several days, tragically passed away shortly after fervently praying for divine intervention.

In a series of Facebook posts dated June 3, 2024, she opened up about her battle, highlighting the severe impact her deteriorating health had on her well-being.

Photo of a woman who passes away, Nana Ama. Source Facebook

She also shared some advice with her followers, stressing the importance of maintaining good health and highlighting the significant financial burden that can arise during medical emergencies.

“God please don’t let me die. Whenever you pray, Pray for good health. Medical bills can make you poor less than a minute. I’m looking for a place to sleep this night,” she stated in a series of posts.

Days following the posts, Nana passed on while the circumstances surrounding her death remain unclear at the time of this report.

“Rest in Peace Nana Ama It’s really sad … you’ve been through a lot and at a point you begged God to spare your life but he know best,” a Facebook friend wrote in a post.

Another close associate known as Mhiz Gold, who confirmed her death, stated that Nana Ama had been ill for some time before she succumbed to the illness.

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