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Woman taunts man after receiving a N400K gift from him, even though she doesn’t have feelings for him.

A young Nigerian lady sets tongues wagging after joking about obtaining the sum of N400K from a man who wants to date her even though she doesn’t like him.

An X user identified as @ZahrahShekarau took to the microblogging platform to share the tactic used on a toaster who she is trying to get rid of.

Zahrah emphatically stated that she did not wish to be in a relationship with him, hence, decided to ask him for a huge sum of money, which she got with extra.

“This guy I met few months back keeps asking me out’ calls, msgs.. buh I don’t like him I keep ignoring him buh he ain’t getting it. And I don’t wanna hurt his feelings cus he’s a good guy. So today decided to use billings drive him off, I ask for huge amount of money 😂. I know I’m getting blocked but let’s see how things goes.😂,” she wrote.

In a follow-up post, she reveals that the man came through and gave her the sum of N300K with an extra N100K.

“No shade!! Y’all mad annoying saying it’s all lies, got the nerve to come dm me asking for receipts. Okayyy🌚😂.”

Reactions as lady gets N400K from toaster whom she dislikes
Corny_Comrade said: “Fatima, out of the goodness in your heart, please come out clearly and tell this man that he’s just wasting his time. Imagine how that feels like if you’re in his position.”

KingOpeOfAbj penned: “God abeg no allow me send baddie money wey go come plaster my full name for twitter to prove a point 🙏🙏.”

HerRoyally stated: “Tell this guy you’re not into him. Let it stop here. Don’t continue to take from him because you feel he can easily give it to you .

_Mayowa_Sam wrote: “You can’t even cover his name? Please let him know you’re not interested and he’s just wasting his time, so he can move on and find someone else that will love him.🥺🤲🏽.”

ZordeOfLife reacted: “A wise man once said never help a girl, it is better to help a man than to help a lady, because if a man should help he lady he should do it with the mind of helping the less privileged (like a beger on the street) because he should expect nothing in return. Nonsense man.”



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