Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

“Work hard so that your children can choose partners based on love, not necessity.” – Bella Okagbue suggests.

Bella Okagbue, a former BBNaija contestant, has offered advice to Nigerian parents regarding the importance of hard work for the benefit of their children. 

In a post on the microblogging platform X, she highlighted how many Nigerians prioritize celebrating and benefiting from others’ wealth without understanding its origins, emphasizing the need for genuine effort and prosperity.

Bella expressed dismay at how wealth has become the primary determinant of social status, noting the prevalence of illicit means of acquiring riches in today’s society. 

She emphasized her desire not to raise her children in a culture where marrying someone lacking proof of income is common. 

To ensure their children prioritize love over financial gain in marriage, she advised parents to work diligently and teach their children the importance of contentment, thereby fostering resilience in challenging times.

Bella lamented that the majority of Nigerians prioritize wealth without concern for its source, even normalizing illegal means of acquiring it. 

She expressed sadness at the societal value placed solely on riches, stating her reluctance to raise her children in such an environment where unethical actions are condoned and marrying without financial transparency is accepted. 

Bella urged parents to work hard to provide their children with a secure future, emphasizing the importance of their children marrying for love rather than necessity. 

She stressed the need to instill contentment in them so that they remain resilient in adversity and unaffected by superficial lifestyles or associations.


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