Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

“You’re a savage bro, be calming down” — Netizens beg Ryan Taylor as he claps back at DJ Cuppy

Ryan Taylor, the ex-fiancé of DJ Cuppy, has attracted attention from online users after he responded to a shade thrown by DJ Cuppy at her exes on her Instagram page.

DJ Cuppy had recently posted a comment on her Instagram, throwing shade at her past relationships with her exes.

Ryan Taylor wasted no time in responding to DJ Cuppy’s comment in the section below.

Although the exact reason for their breakup was not disclosed publicly, it was noted that shortly after their relationship ended, Ryan Taylor reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Fiona.

Ryan’s swift response to DJ Cuppy’s comment has left online users intrigued, prompting them to speculate about the dynamics of their past relationship and the implications of his response.

Some reactions to his comment here

scottbenjaminsamuel1 said: “you’re a savage bro 😂..but that’s our niger sis be calming down oo”

kallmetexas____ opined: “bro is still obsessed and stalking my baby on SM 😂”

bhad_of_lagos_bhaddie_ wrote: “u will not go and sit down 🙄🙄🙄she don move on Abeg”

gatt_xx advised: “brrr just look away she’s a lady, you don’t need to respond to that, just saying respectfully✌🏽”

amakawalter claimed: “Cuppy’s biggest mistake”

ayomikun_ade_kbg added: “if no be cuppy who know your ass bro I no know why cuppy never block you yet”

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