Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“You’re part of our community; if you visit my neighborhood, we’ll handle any challenges together,” declared Portable, as Bobrisky announced her identity as a woman.

Nigerian singer and songwriter Portable issued a warning to online personality Bobrisky, advising against visiting his neighborhood. 

Portable emphasized that Bobrisky would face repercussions, including being disciplined with firewood, for identifying as a woman, which Portable perceives as disrespectful to their community. 

This message was conveyed in a viral video where Portable reiterated his stance that Bobrisky is male.

Following Bobrisky’s win of the best-dressed award in the female category, Portable, a Nigerian singer, responded to Bobrisky’s assertion that women must accept her as part of their community. 

Portable criticized Bobrisky, cautioning that if Bobrisky were to visit his neighborhood, he would face discipline with firewood for identifying as a woman, a move Portable views as dishonorable to their brotherhood. 

The singer’s remarks ignited a conversation, prompting various reactions from people in the comment section.

See some reactions below:

Wale Hassan: “Portable must learn a lesson… remember that Lady Bob has massive bouncers around her!.”

blessingehighawag: “Portable please don’t stop drag bobrisky very well please.”

o_ge: “if portable can speak this responsible about evil,then i think i want to be his fan..speak the truth jare…make una use firewood baye bobbyrisky je.”

KENBOY SHOLA: “from brotherhood to sisterhood to firewood. portable and rhymes.”

olabisirichard: “Bobrisky from brotherhood to sisterhood in portable’s neighborhood to chop firewood.”

Oyekanmi M Adewale: “this portable nah fela anikulapo son oo. from my side here, I dey enjoy. firewood, brotherhood, sisterhood.”

Official_Hephzibah: “E be like say na only me then hate pass for this country nobody ever follow me and like my videos and comment and share.”


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