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Yvonne Jegede issues public apology following recent podcast episode

A few days after her podcast episode, Yvonne Jegede issued a public apology to Queen May Edochie for her comments on the show.

Recently, the actress appeared on the Honest Bunch podcast hosted by Nedu Wazobia. She faced backlash for defending Yul Edochie’s second marriage to Judy.

Photo of Ghanian actress Yvonne Jegede. Source Instagram

The actress argued that her remarks were being exaggerated by online users, asserting that many of Yul Edochie’s critics came from polygamous backgrounds themselves.

After reflecting on the situation, the actress acknowledged her mistake and issued a public apology.

She explained that her comments did not convey her true intentions and that she had not intended to be insensitive to May Edochie’s situation.

Yvonne clarified that her goal was to address important societal issues, themes also explored in her new movie, but her message did not come across as intended.

She emphasized that while polygamy is a cultural practice in many parts of the world, it should be approached correctly and respectfully.

See her post below;

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