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Zamfara Bandits demand ransom of N500 million for release of 30 captives.

In Zamfara State, bandits are demanding a ransom of N500 million for the release of 30 individuals they kidnapped from Maradun Local Government Area. Maradun is notably the hometown of Hon. Bello Mohammed Matawalle, the Minister of State for Defence.

The demand has been confirmed by a local resident, Ibrahim Maradun, who noted the community’s difficulty in raising the ransom due to the reluctance of affluent individuals to contribute, fearing for their safety and wealth.

The local response has been marked by frustration, as there has been no significant intervention or statement from state authorities or security agencies since the kidnapping.

The community feels neglected, pointing out that the current administration, led by Governor Dauda Lawal, had promised to curb such banditry activities within 100 days in office—a pledge that remains unfulfilled as attacks escalate.

The recent incident not only highlights the ongoing security challenges in the region but also the dissatisfaction with the government’s response to the crisis.

The community urges the state government and security forces to step up their efforts to secure the release of the hostages and address the broader security issues plaguing the area.



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